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You've found the right place to play with fun !

Linux only...


The game is


english, français, italiano, deutsch
The game is multi-language :
english, français, italiano, português, deutsch
(great thanks to
Guglielmo Bondioni,
Ricardo Cruz and Marc Richter)


To know the differences between releases, click here.


Easy to install : 1.0.11 release

If you have already downloaded the datas, to take the 1.0.11 release, go here

Note : The game works with ALL the video cards ! - if you found a problem, see here or ask me.
Note : You must be logged as root to play because the game use svgalib (a full-screen graphic library).

-- An alternative : using sudo, see here. --

Note : You can use configure/make/make install if you prefer than my ./install

1.Before all : you need svgalib (graphic library), egcs or g++ (c++ compiler) and the glibc-devel (in your Linux distribution).

Svgalib (graphic library) Egcs (c++ compiler)

latest release on : www.svgalib.org
or :
svgalib-1_4_0-2_i386.rpm (298 ko)
and svgalib-devel-1_4_0-2_i386.rpm (261 ko)

g++ in your Linux distribution
or : egcs-c++-1.0.2-8.i386.rpm (856 ko)

2.Choose your way to download :

3. For more fun, download the month-addons :

Each month a new addon to the game, to make the game more and more fun !

4. A compilation problem ? Don't be afraid to mail me, I will give help or correct the problem as fast as possible : david.fauthoux@free.fr

5. That's all, enjoy... A problem ? Mail-me and I reply very fast : david.fauthoux@free.fr


Differences between current release and later releases :

Difference from 1.0.10 release :

- note the 1.0.10 release works now -

Difference from 1.0.9 release :

Difference from 1.0.8 release :


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